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"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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Join us on the Emmaus Road

Emmaus groups at St. Mary’s are discussion groups using bible based programmes on a variety of topics such as prayer, the bible and the church. We tend to meet fortnightly. Each session lasts roundabout two hours. Sessions come in clusters of 4, 5 or 6, after which we take a break. Each session is free standing so you don’t have to commit to attendance every time. Groups are led by facilitators rather than teachers, who encourage discussion. There is no pressure to contribute, no awkward questions to answer. We share thoughts and views. Some group members comment:-

“The group has given me confidence, since my husband’s death, and a knowledge that I am accepted.” “The group is able to talk freely, to discuss, question, search and explore – and to feel accepted.” “An opportunity to hear new approaches and interpretations.” “Interesting to exchange ideas and concepts.” “The confidentiality within the group gives the confidence, vital to the shy and nervous as most beginners are! Learning is fun.”

Emmaus groups are starting up again on September 29th. Recently we have had a Wednesday morning group meeting upstairs in the Seckford Room of St. Mary’s House at 10am and a Wednesday evening group meeting at 25 Saxon Way at 7.15pm.

The next four Emmaus meetings are entitled Living the Gospel. The principles in this course are grounded in Scripture and the practice of the New Testament Church. Oikos is a Greek word meaning extended household or network of relationships. Don’t be put off by the word Oikos. We keep things simple and just enjoy travelling together.

Wed 29th. Sept - Understanding: understanding your oikos.

Wed 13th. Oct - Prayer: praying for your oikos.

Wed 27th. Oct - Service: serving your oikos.

Wed 10th. Nov - Building stepping stones to faith.

If you think any of the above interests you, or you would like a group at a different time considering some other subject please come along or contact me on 386786. If you would like transport, please ask me.

Tony Waller