St. Mary's Church, Woodbridge
"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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Mothers Union Programme of Events

Meetings second Thursday at 2.30pm in St. Mary's Church Centre (unless otherwise stated).


January 8th (12.30pm) - Lunch and Entertainment.

February 12th - 2 p.m. Corporate Communion in Church followed by Annual General Meeting.

March 6th (2.30pm at St. John's Church) - Women's World Day of Prayer.

March 12th -  Reflections for Lent –Christine Ward, MU Faith & Policy Co-ordinator

March 25th -  Lady Day Service – Mildenhall.

April 9th - Talk by Rev. Canon Penny Brown. BRING AND BUY.

May 14th (2pm) - Communion in Church followed by by Peggy Cole – Aidensfield.

June 11th - Strawberry Tea in St. Mary’s Church Centre.

July 2nd - Ipswich Area day at Whitton.

July 16th -  Diocesan outing to Cambridge and King’s College Chapel.

July 24th -  (Friday)– Wave of Prayer service in church at 2.30pm.

August 9th -  Mary Sumner Day.

September 10th - talk on Community BRING AND BUY.

October 8th (2pm) - 2pm Communion in Church followed by Andrea Skevington ‘Bibles for children’.

November 12th - Mr Rob Watson – Town Pastors.

November - Autumn fair.

December 10th - Deanery Carol Service.

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