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A Royal Honour for Woodbridge

Kevan Sean McCormackLoud and enthusiastic applause rang out on Sunday, 9 March in the heart of Woodbridge.  Feelings of pride, pleasure and acknowledgement for a very special man were obvious to all in the Parish Church on that day.

Who is he?  A favourite author?  A gifted musician?  A famous sportsman?  A modern artist?  A pop star?   No, none of these, for we were celebrating the appointment of the Rector of St Mary’s Parish Church, Reverend Canon Kevan McCormack as a Chaplain to the Queen.   This news came as a great surprise to the congregation of St. Mary’s, where Kevan became Rector in 2000, as it did to Kevan himself when he received the official letter a few days previously.  The official announcement was made in the Court Circular (in The Times and The Daily Telegraph) on 13 March – the 51st anniversary of his Confirmation.

In making the announcement, the Church Wardens paid tribute to Kevan for all he has done for the town, the parish and individuals.   And in his response, Kevan said that this great honour was for all the parishes in which he had worked, and was a special honour for Woodbridge and St. Mary’s.

Kevan remains at St. Mary’s and his new additional duties include preaching  at the Chapel Royal.  One new duty which he may find less onourous will be attending Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace, where it is understood they serve divine chocolate cake - his favourite food!   He will be presented to Her Majesty on 10th June 2014.

We all offer Kevan our warmest and most sincere congratulations for a tremendous accolade so richly deserved.   His name, face and reputation are widely known in Woodbridge, both within and outside the community of St. Mary’s, where he is much loved and respected.  He assured us that it is not necessary to curtsey when you meet him!