St. Mary's Church, Woodbridge
"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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Keeping the Flag Flying

St Mary's Flag

As you approach Woodbridge along Ipswich Road, one of the first landmarks to be seen is the majestic tower of St. Mary’s Parish Church, situated in the Market Square at the heart of the town. And flying high above the tower is a bright, yellow flag with its blue "MR" motif.

Tossed and torn by winds and weather, the flag only lasts a few months before a replacement is needed. The latest flag has been kindly donated by the Kings Head and St. Mary’s thanks them for this generous gesture.

How many places can you find from which the flag can be spotted? Why not visit St. Mary’s and learn more about this beautiful building and all that happens in the life of the parish?