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Girlguiding Seckford Senior Section Sponsored Silent Sleepover

Who would have thought that a group of young, 10- to 17-year old Guides would be game for a sponsored silent sleepover? Well, when Rachel Crawford and Jess Shire were given the opportunity to join a select few from Girlguiding Suffolk to attend the 23rd Scout World Jamboree in Japan 2015, they decided to come up with some challenges to help them to raise funds.

Rachel decided, with tongue in cheek, that a silent sleepover would really challenge this vociferous group who meet in Woodbridge fortnightly. As soon as school exams were over, Friday 27th June was soon upon us and Rachel’s planning was put to the test for Senior Section and 2nd Woodbridge (St. Mary’s) Guides.

With forfeits at hand should anyone laugh too loudly or forget themselves and speak, leaders and girls soon learnt to control themselves! Leaders were taken aback when after watching the silent film ‘The Artist’  with just sign language, the girls calmly crept off to bed and settled quite quickly; not wanting to get out of their sleeping bags to do more forfeits.

After a short night, an early start to the day for Rachel had a live chat on Radio Suffolk with Rob Dunger at 06:10; she found it strange speaking after 10 hours of silence. Rachel confidently answered all of Rob’s questions then returned to silent mode until the sleepover ended at 09:30. Huge congratulations to all the girls for supporting Rachel so well.