St. Mary's Church, Woodbridge
"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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St. Mary’s Parish Church in Woodbridge hosted a ‘Service of Remembrance’ on the evening of Sunday, 29th. March - Passion Sunday - for St. Elizabeth Hospice. The event was organised in conjunction with Churches Together in Woodbridge and Melton as an opportunity for anyone to join with other bereaved folk in remembering their loved ones, whether they had had involvement with the Hospice, or not.

The congregation was welcomed and invited to share in a time of reflection and memories through singing, readings, prayer and lighting a candle. Representatives from the Hospice and the town’s Churches led the worship in the peaceful and inspiring setting of this beautiful building.

The poignancy of the occasion reached a climax with a most moving reading by the Rector, Revd. Kevan McCormack, of ‘Thoughts’ written for this service by his brother, Revd. John McCormack. Until recently, John was Chaplain of St. Barnabas Hospice, Worthing, and he now works exclusively with the dying and bereaved, for whom he has a most gifted ministry. The words linked the ‘Stations of the Cross’, which tell the story of Good Friday, with the Hospice experience, in such a touching and inspiring way that the atmosphere of silent emotion was intense. It was so apparent that here was someone who had experienced the true feelings of patients, family, friends, staff and volunteers and who had deep empathy with each in their need and role; someone who really understood what it was all about; someone with more than a professional training and ability; someone who truly acknowledged the pain and suffering of terminal illness; someone who lived the love, peace and security which the Hospice movement brings to all whose lives it touches. Those present will, I’m sure, remember John’s words and gain comfort from them.

A retiring collection raised in excess of £500 for the Hospice. It is hoped this service may become an annual event in Woodbridge, hosted by the various churches. It is open to all and it would be lovely to see you there in future and to share with each other our gratitude and admiration for the work done by St. Elizabeth Hospice.