St. Mary's Church, Woodbridge
"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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The Sunday of two ‘A’s

The people of Woodbridge, together with the rest of the nation, celebrated a new sporting hero in Andy Murray following his momentous victory at Wimbledon in the men’s singles final against Novak Djokovic.

On the same day, the parishioners of St. Mary’s Parish Church also celebrated the return of their much loved former curate, Rev. Aidan Platten, now vicar at St. Mark’s, Hamilton Terrace in London. It was ten years to the day since Aidan preached his first sermon at St. Mary’s and it was good to hear another address on this visit which was described as ‘coming home’.

In welcoming Aidan, the Rector of St. Mary’s, Rev. Canon Kevan McCormack, drew our attention to a new miracle: Aidan had driven a minibus to bring his own choir to join ours, and they had arrived safely!

No-one would have known we were hearing two separate choirs, meeting for the first time that afternoon for a rehearsal. Their combined singing was in unison, with a richness and harmony usually experienced only by those who sing together regularly. They, together with the visiting choir mistress and organist, are to be warmly congratulated and thanked for their superb singing.

Aidan began his humorous address with memories of his early school life when, on only the second day and at the tender age of five, each class member was required to sing in front of their peers. The choice of song was left to the child and Aidan, shy and with no future as a soloist, dismayed and embarrassed his parents who were informed of his totally inappropriate performance! But, in typical Aidan style which we at St. Mary’s remember so well, he cleverly linked this dreadful experience to the teachings of the Gospel reading for the day, about lambs being sent to the wolves. His underlying message was of teaching by example: by the way we live and the love we share. The response, he suggested, will fill our churches, for Christian teaching is not ‘thou shalt not’ but rather ‘go out and do’. It was wonderful to welcome Aidan ‘home’ and we hope it won’t be long until he returns again, this time with his wife, Esther, and their three beautiful daughters.