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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 10 Winter 2009

Putting service first


Jeremy Stewart talks to Woodbridge businessman John Davis about being a Christian in business

JS: Do you run your business on overtly Christian principles?

JD: Not as such but I do endeavour to be honest and fair in my business dealings and really try to serve my clients.

JS: Maximising profits is one key goal of being an entrepreneur. Yet Jesus tells us not to worry about the future, or about money or about the trappings of wealth. How do you reconcile these points of view?

JD: It is possible to make your goal to serve the client rather than to maximise your bottom line profit. If you had to do business with one of two people, one of whom devoted themselves to what you needed and the other to making maximum profit, I suspect most of us would go for doing business with the first person.

JS: How do you respond to invitations to deal with non-ethical businesses?

JD: I would turn down business that I thought was non-ethical e.g. to do it for cash.

JS: Running a business is inherently risky. In what way does your relationship with Jesus help you deal with this?

JD: Late last year during the banking crisis our workload virtually dried up. I got everyone together and suggested that the way through was to give more of a service to everyone we came into contact with and trust that more work would come in as a result. So far it has.

Business is much like the rest of life where we seem to be in control, make plans and then things turn out very differently in practice. One message of the Gospels is to give it your best shot in a spirit of love and dont worry about the outcome, as we are all looked after.