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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 10 Winter 2009

Action-packed term at Rochford House

Rochford House Youth Centre is proud of its service to local young people aged 12-19. It continues to run its well-known range of life skills courses. As well as regular outside events like barbeques and playing rounders or football in the park, the young people are now being offered a wide range of educational and recreational activities. young people from Rochford House In October they attended a World Music Day (with African drummers, a steel band and a host of international performers), while in December they will be visiting London to see the Oxford Street Christmas lights and the musical We will rock you. Other treats in store include an in-house Movie Night and a disco with Kesgrave Youth Club. The autumn highlight, very popular last year, will be a return visit to Halls Green Adventure Centre, near Sevenoaks (pictured) for an adventure activity weekend: orienteering, abseiling, swimming in a heated pool, a campfire and barbeque.

Rochford House is open Monday to Thursday, 4.30-9.30 pm, with one session, for Year 7s only, on Wednesday, 4.30-7.00 pm. Entrance is FREE and the tuck shop sells drinks and snacks at reasonable prices.

Contact: Liz Newman (01394 388538) in office hours, or when RH is open.

friday group logo

Anyone for fancy dress?

The Friday Group has been doing a lot of exciting stuff already this term. We started off with a games evening, when air hockey proved popular. One of our favourite get-togethers was acting out Bible stories with a difference in one of them, Pharaoh had a mobile phone!! Then theres been a pizza night, when we played The Price is Right with a difference. Now were looking forward to our Advent Fancy Dress Party with the theme of Saint Nicholas on 4 December.

To join the Friday Group or just to find out more
Paul Hambling (01394 446051)