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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 10 Winter 2009
Catherine Prophet (left) presents Erica Coe with her Long Service Certificate

St Marys Mothers Union

Remember summer? St Marys Mothers Union enjoyed another busy summer programme, with an outing to Houghton Hall in Norfolk and afternoon tea in Mavis and Frank Proctor's garden.

Then at our annual Wave of Prayer service, we welcomed Catherine Prophet, Diocesan President, who gave the address. MU members from other deanery branches joined us with guests from other Woodbridge churches. Catherine presented Long Service Certificates to Erica Coe (55 years), Margaret Lowe (40 years) and Betty Richardson (25 years). At the Corporate Communion Service, Win Lansdell and Rachel Jolley were admitted as MU members.

We were delighted to host the Diocesan Mothers' Union Service of Laying-on-of-Hands and Anointing this autumn, with Bishop Clive as Celebrant, and welcomed members from all over the diocese, as well as St Marys.

Richard Harries

When the Rt Revd Richard Harries visited St Marys recently, it was a bit like getting an extended Thought for the Day (or evening, in this case). There were wise words, practical common sense and numerous anecdotes from a life which saw Richard Harries give up a military career for the ordained ministry, including 19 years as Bishop of Oxford. His Monday Talk, entitled The making of a soul, included the rich cast of characters who had influenced his life and faith.

Well done to Chris!

Many of you will remember Chris Archibald, the young ordinand from St Kitts, who spent a month at St Marys in 2004 gaining practical parish experience. He went on to study at Codrington College, Barbados, where we supported him by paying for his textbooks. Now we are thrilled to hear that in September the Bishop of the North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba ordained him priest to a parish on his own island of St Kitts. We wish him every blessing in his ministry.