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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 11 Spring 2010
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Christian Aid in Burkina Faso
Women carrying rocks in Keleguem village, north-eastern Burkina Faso. They will build “rock belts”, low rock walls which help to protect the soil and its plant nutrients from erosion by rain and wind. © Photograph: Kevin Leighton, Christian Aid

christian aid logo Christian Aid Week

Look out for the envelopes! Christian Aid Week takes place this year from 9-15 May. Woodbridge and Melton Churches Together are aiming to cover every household in Woodbridge and Melton. Nationally, Christian Aid Week raises £15 million, locally over £5,000.

Christian Aid is an aid agency, striving to eradicate poverty, particularly in the Third World. It works on the principle of partnership in co-operation with local agencies, trying to help people help themselves. Christian Aid is there helping in Haiti. Because Christian Aid is at work in so many poor countries, it is able to respond quickly when a disaster strikes. But it also operates for people whose life is a poverty-stricken struggle every day of the year.

By way of examples, £24 could buy 1,600 life-saving nutrition drinks for children in Guatemala; £5 could buy a blanket for a patient as part of a home-based care project in Zambia; £750 could provide enough drought-resistant millet seed for a farmer in Burkina Faso to feed four people for a year, or £13 could provide a goat for a family in India, providing the chance to sell milk and kids and improving their diet.

livestock project

If you would like to help, please ring me on 386786. Churches Together also runs Lent Lunches on Thursdays up to and including 1 April at the Salvation Army Centre in New Street. Do join us there!

Tony Waller

The livestock project in Gourcy, Burkina Faso, run by Christian Aid partner Reseau Marp: farmers are given livestock, which they breed and then hand one animal back to the project. The animals provide organic fertiliser and are also used as a savings account. For example, they can be sold if medicines are needed. © Photograph: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Christian Aid