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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 11 Spring 2010
cutting the cake

Party-time for Kevan

Saturday 13 February was Rector Kevan’s sixtieth birthday, and to mark the occasion he requested a “Celebration of Talent”. During the morning, over 50 members of the congregation displayed their skills in the church centre, with a fantastic exhibition of crafts and hobbies: photography, painting and drawing, patchwork, lace-making, handmade cards, pottery, beadwork, needlework, tapestry and embroidery.

A collection of artwork from the children of St Mary’s Primary School perhaps brought the biggest smile to Kevan’s face. Using a photograph of him and halving it vertically, they had illustrated their concept of Kevan by completing the other half. Clever, delightful and hilarious!

consider yourself at home

In the evening, a party was held for Kevan in the Abbey School, attended by over 150 adults and children, including Kevan’s brother John and family friends, who had travelled from his beloved home town of Whitby and other faraway places. The buffet tables groaned with a delicious array of food, all brought in by the guests; the hall was bedecked with balloons and bunting, and the stage set for an evening of entertainment: songs, readings, poetry and acting by members of the clergy, choir and congregation. It was a thoroughly wonderful time, with much fun. What a joy it was to see our Rector reduced to tears … of laughter!

tears of laughter

“Consider yourself at home” – with
Dennis and the Pickthorn family

Next day the celebrations continued in church, with former St Mary’s curate, the Revd Aidan Platten, his wife Esther and their two daughters welcomed back into the fold. Kevan’s chosen hymns were sung with great enthusiasm, and after the service birthday cake was served with the coffee.

Mary Parker