Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Play it again St Mary’s!
Play it again St Mary’s! Congratulations to all who participated in a St Mary’s musical extravaganza recently. Thanks to soloists, chorus and audience and especially to Kate Threlfall who organised the event. About a hundred people packed the pews to enjoy a mixture of solos, duets and choral pieces. The concert which asked for voluntary donations raised around £620 towards the cost of urgently needed church repairs. And a big hand for our schools Farlingaye and Woodbridge School musicians will play together as part of the Royal College of Music Strings concert at St Mary’s on the 28th May (See p5). Pictured (left) are elite string players from Farlingaye playing last year with Anna Blackmur of the RCM. Can this coming together of musical talent be a schools first for Woodbridge?