Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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From the Rector
From the Rector Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia Lyra Davidica 1708 This start of a well-known Easter hymn jolts the mind away from an historical event and makes a bold statement for the present day. Easter is a difficult time. Grasping the reality of someone else’s past experience and making it our own requires understanding and empathy, and for most of us that means intense concentration and effort of intuition. It is never easy to get to grips with something that someone else has been through, be it good or bad. For me the story of Easter demands that I check back on the experience of those who were there. I don’t want to know what happened in any historical factual sense, but I do want to know what it was that changed the lives of those early witnesses. What was it they felt, thought and knew to be true; so much so that their lives were changed for ever? If I look at my own life, I know that I have experiences that I can never truly share. I haven’t the words – there aren’t any words. I can only share what has made me the person I am by being the person I am, and without the experiences, be they good or bad, I would be a different person. Christian people have more questions than answers when it comes to understanding the truth of Easter Day, but one thing is certain, unless I can dove-tail my own experience of living with the experience of those early followers of Jesus on that special day, then my faith is meaningless. Our wonderful parish church witnesses to generations of Christian people, who search for the truth of that day. It stands on the Market Hill as a tower of hope that in my own life I might live my own Easter Day, and know that all I understand as evil can be changed dramatically from an experience of the bad to the good. With those who come to church, or who look to St. Mary’s for baptism, for their wedding, or their farewell to the one they love, we shall try and share the experience of Easter as we have understood it in the hope that our experience can be theirs. The Easter experience, for me, is the story of love. Kevan McCormack