Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Same story?
Same story? “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth......” Here was the Creation in a nutshell, Genesis 1.1-28, read to us at St Mary’s on a bright Sunday morning some weeks before Easter. Listening to this seven day wonder I couldn’t help but think about my faith. What did I believe of the story? What did God really do as an act of creation? And perhaps most important of all, were the concepts of Creation and Evolution mutually exclusive? I’m not a scientist but I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. So (in my mind) I was listening to a fairy story, a metaphor for life and creation which I didn’t believe literally happened. So what do I believe? If God didn’t create the world in seven short days what did he do? Listening to the passage (dramatically brought to life by the St Mary’s reader) was to me like listening to a speeded up version of evolution - Darwin on steroids. Here was a fast train from ‘In the beginning....’ to God resting on the seventh day. God did his work and we apparently had a fully functioning earth in just a week. The point for me is that Creation is a metaphor for what science has explained to us was a long and protracted evolution. God, I believe, created the conditions for life to evolve. He had a hand in the Big Bang and then he stepped back. It could have taken seven days or seven millions years. The fact is he was there and is here in what is an ongoing, long term process. Nick Cottam Make way for the King Rehearsals are progressing well for Churches Together in Woodbridge & Melton’s Passion Play in Elmhurst Park on Good Friday, 22nd April 2011. Make way for the King will depict the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection with drama, music and dance. Everyone is invited to come along to Elmhurst Park at 10.30am to see this amazing story unfold. If it is a rainy day, the alternative venue will be the Riverside Theatre. There is still time to become involved, as well. If you are interested in playing a small part in this exciting project for our community or for more information about it, please contact Lyn Spall at lynspall@btinternet.com or 01394386965.