Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Memories of Jo (Peruzzi)
Memories of Jo (Peruzzi) Ersilia Maria Peruzzi, known to us all as “Jo”, lived and worked in Brighton for a number of years before she came to Woodbridge. Jo’s parents were both professional musicians. Her father,a cellist, came from Trieste in Italy (pictured right) and her mother, a violinist, was a young student at the time. Jo was devoted to her mother and was at her side when she died in Sussex. She was bereft and went to live and work in Trieste hoping to meet the Peruzzi family. It was not to be but she did well, teaching English and singing and broadcasting on local radio. I visited Jo in Woodbridge for over 20 years, spending a few days with her in July and at Christmas. It was a great joy for me to go with her to St Mary’s and I was lucky enough to make several friends with whom I’m still in touch. I have many good memories of my old pal! Jo was always the same: serene, kind and hospitable. She was concerned for those who were unwell and she and would visit them, listening to their problems. She was always ready for a river walk or a bathe in the cold waters of the North Sea. She cycled and this included our bike rides to other church services (I remember Melton and Bulge on bright Sunday mornings). While Woodbridge became her home, Jo did keep in touch with one elderly Italian cousin and I was lucky enough to go with her to Friuli, an unforgettable experience. Jo kept up with her Italian and spoke and wrote the language very well but was always very modest about it. A final memory. In the summer when I visited her in Crown Place she would always have a rose in a glass vase on my dressing table. This was the case on my last visit and I will always remember her that way. Elice Bigby (friend of Jo Peruzzi who died in 2010)