Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Tanzanian return (cont.)
The plan will include going to school, healthcare and food and shelter if necessary. As well as being assisted to go to school (fees, uniforms, exercise books etc) the children attend an MVC group in their village where the volunteers lead games and discussion, depending on their ages. (Picture). HIV AIDS affected children receive particular attention, and I was particularly pleased to see Antonia, 10 when I last saw her and living with her grandfather who was ill himself, now looking alert and pretty in a pink dress, and although she is on second line drugs the disease is being managed. Grandmothers’ groups I very much enjoyed my visit to Liputu, where I met a group of 10 grandmothers, all looking after HIV AIDS orphans. Apart from receiving some support for themselves, they receive education on child care and nutrition. They were a good group and had done two income generation projects. One was lamp oil (you can buy minute Aladdin’s lamp type lamps made of recyclable bits like battery casings) which they sold for a tiny profit four times but this didn’t make much money. The next one was to take a field together (about an acre), dig it and plant it with maize and beans. They had to overcome the head teacher of the primary school trying to take the land off them, there was a meeting and they won! with the help of the project. We went out to see the ‘shamba’ and the maize was almost ‘as high as an elephant’s eye’ with beans planted in between. The project allows for a party once a year to say thank you to this group and the other grandmothers (90 in all). The project has received £2500 from St Mary’s to continue this valuable work. ‘Asante Sana Kabisa’ Thank you very much indeed.