Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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‘Big Society’
‘Big Society’, our society.. The Big Society is probably the phrase that sticks in everyone’s mind when you think of David Cameron our Prime Minister. What does it mean to Woodbridge and how can you translate it into practical help? To most of us it probably means helping with a charity. This can be difficult for the many willing volunteers, because the charities are tied up in so much red tape. David Cameron thought street parties were a good idea. However, you need to fill in so many forms to get different permissions and risk assessments, they tend never to happen. To make the Big Society mean something in Woodbridge people have to give up at least some of their time to help those most in need. For example the Friday morning Literacy Class in the library needs volunteers to help the students on a one to one basis. This in turn can help younger mothers who want to read to their children but haven’t got the confidence to do it. Also in the Library on Monday evenings there are Maths and English classes in need of volunteers. If you’ve done well and have the skills, here is a chance to put something back. Old age can be a very lonely time, particularly if you have lost your sight. Could you take on the role of telephone befriender or become a visitor for Age Concern or Help the Aged? For those who have lost their sight but want to carry on enjoying books and literature, the RNIB run a scheme where people visit the blind or partially sighted and change their talking book tapes, bringing along replacements and posting the finished ones back. The visitors also help with mending and do shopping and read letters; important everyday tasks which may have become extremely difficult for someone with this kind of disability. For further information on how you can help contact: • Age Concern 01473 230413 • RNIB 0207 388 1266 • Woodbridge Library 01473 585563 Caroline Blois