Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Spiritual Life (2)
Spiritual Life Join our pilgrimage On the 9th July we are planning to visit St Peter’s Chapel at Bradwell-juxta-mare. The chapel stands on the site of the Roman Fort of Othona, on the extreme edge of the Dengie Peninsula in Essex. It was here in the middle of the 7th century that Cedd, a monk of Lindisfarne sent to Essex as a missionary, built his church and monastery. This church, altered little over nearly 14 centuries, still stands and our pilgrimage is to visit it and celebrate the Eucharist there. We will travel by road or water. If numbers suffice we will hire a coach or otherwise share cars. John is hoping to gather together a group who will sail round. We will meet at Bradwell harbour and those who are able can walk along the sea wall to the chapel which takes about 90 minutes. Michael Stagg will lead one group as a Prayer Walk while John travels ahead with children and the more boisterous! The walk has stunning views over the Blackwater estuary to Mersea Island and the mouth of the River Colne. Those not walking will go to the chapel by road. Around mid-day we will celebrate the Eucharist and then have a shared picnic lunch. The afternoon will be relaxing or energetic, depending on individual preference. Michael will talk about the abundance of local plant and bird life while John organises children’s games and other activities. At 1600 the choir of Chelmsford Cathedral will sing evensong and then home. If you are interested in taking part in the trip please sign up at the back of the church. Pilgrimage is an ancient Christian custom combining a journey, a visit to a holy place, worship of God – and above all, great fun. John Hare