Outlook Issue 14 Spring 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Spiritual Life (5)
Spiritual Life What St Mary’s has done for me To say just what St Mary’s has done for me I have to go back a bit further than today. I will say that I have had many more downs than ups in my life and before starting my regular attendance at St Mary’s I was very upset and was pleading with God, yes pleading for help. I had been on the verge of ending my life - there had been so many disasters which it seemed would never end. One morning I accidentally went into church to pray. I happened to enter just as the 10am Holy Communion was about to start. I went to leave but the Rector suggested I sit at the back as an observer. I did this and actually felt quite comfortable and an immediate peace, a peace where I was free and alone with God, if that makes sense. From that day I have attended church regularly every week. The St Mary’s congregation has made me feel welcome from the start. There was no hostility and after just a few weeks I got to know many people as friends. Many of these people had been living in the Woodbridge area for most of their lives, even some old school friends of mine with whom I had lost touch. Believe me church can be a place to catch up with your past as well as your future! Not only does St Mary’s have regular church services but there are also talks and lectures for both young and old. There are Mothers Union talks, a Young Wives’ Group, Contact and Help for the Elderly. There’s also Learn on a Monday and other topics and meetings too numerous to mention. Oh yes, and the concerts too. It’s not only a feeling of ‘Finding God’ but it also feels like he has found you, even though the religious aspect of church is not forced on anyone. Give it a try. I’m not saying that all my life’s problems have gone away. But I now seem to have made more sense of things ......an inner strength I would call it. I help at church and no longer feel the desperately lonely person I was. Perhaps God has had something to do with that. God bless you, Peggy