Outlook Issue 15 Winter 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Progress in Ndanda
Progress in Ndanda In February 2011 St Mary’s sent £2500 for the children helped by Uzima Ndanda, the project in Tanzania I set up in 2006. This edition of Outlook includes a thank you letter and news of progress. The project helps nearly 500 children and their carers, often grandmothers. The money has been used to fund medical and educational support, household care (shelter & bedding), and nutrition. The project was also able to hold two days for the Most Vulnerable Children (the Tanzanian term) and their carers, to carry out prevention work and testing for HIV AIDS. Development of Tanzanian staff An MVC volunteer, Lukas Abdullah, has been selected to deputise for the MVC Programme Officer (a Tanzanian social worker), while on maternity leave. He has taken the basic computing course, begun entering information into the database and can serve people coming to the Uzima office for medicine, outpatient cards and nutritional support. This month he begins his driving course. Esta, the project administrator, is now full-time and has taken responsibility for financial administration. The project has included the development of a very clear easy-to-use web site, www. ndanda.net/uzima, which, as on these pages, includes pictures showing work in progress. Built by the current co-ordinator and the IT manager from the mission hospital, people have found it very informative as it outlines all three parts of the project – home-based care, prevention of HIV AIDS and Most Vulnerable Children. A recent evaluation by the main donor in July 2011 described the activities of the project as “very suitable to the needs of the population. Particularly praiseworthy,” notes the report “is the high degree of community participation by more than 100 volunteers from every quarter of the six villages of the parish. Other strong points are the individual approach to the beneficiaries, the emphasis on empowering people through live skill training, access to education and the close collaboration with the hospital. “The project is still small with little personnel. Nevertheless the project co-ordinator, has laid a lot of emphasis on the involvement of staff into planning and carrying