Outlook Issue 15 Winter 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Progress in Ndanda (2)
responsibility.” Areas for development include monitoring outcomes, and criteria have been selected to do this. Conclusion One of the reasons for the project’s success is that it has stayed within the parish, which facilitates its running and increases its efficiency. As a young project it is focusing on consolidation. We wish them every success. Diane Milan Asante Sana – Thank You! UZIMA would like to express its gratitude for your generous donation which we received through the intermediary of Diane Milan, former UZIMA Co-ordinator. Taking into account your wish for the money to be used for the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) programme, we organized two special events in June 2011 which were not included in our yearly programme. As Mama Diane surely explained to you, we are assessing the children at their home before deciding if they meet the entrance criteria of our MVC programme. If met, we decide what kind of help is required, which is individually tailored. Through our assessments, we discovered that only few children were tested for HIV/AIDS, so we decided to organize awareness days for the care givers and for the children, with the opportunity of free testing. Out of 194 care givers and 321 children who were present during these two days, 133 care givers and 303 children were tested. Fortunately, only 6 care givers and 1 child was discovered to be positive. All the UZIMA staff would like to thank you again for having given us the opportunity to organize the event and so raise awareness amongst our MVC children and their care givers on the HIV/AIDS issue. We invite you to follow our progress through our new website. Warm greetings from the Ndanda project team.