Outlook Issue 15 Winter 2011
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Learn about the Creeds Do you want to understand more about faith and religion and share ideas in a relaxed, informal setting? The Autumn Learn on a Monday Series, held at St Mary’s Centre and now in its third year, provides just such an opportunity. This year’s sessions, which are running on Monday evenings from the October 24 to November 21 focus on the Creeds as vehicles through which Christians affirm their faith when they come together to worship. “Over the past two years our subjects have included basic belief, ethics and the Eucharist, and we spent several weeks studying St John’s Gospel,” notes Assistant Priest Dr John Hare who leads the sessions. “Most of us are from St Mary’s but we welcome others from all beliefs and those with none. All that is required is to be willing to listen patiently and courteously to the views of others and to discuss matters in a positive and honest way.” For details of the remaining sessions see What’s On, page 19. A student for Christmas? Are you staying at home for Christmas? Would you open your home and share Christmas with a student from China, India, or some other part of the world, who would otherwise be stuck at an almost deserted UK university? HOST invites you to give Christmas, perhaps for the first time in their life, to someone who is a guest in this country, who would love to experience your way of life and make your stay- at-home Christmas special. HOST will match you with one or two guests to suit your household. More volunteer hosts are urgently needed for 1-3 days at Christmas, and weekends all year round. Please see www.hostuk.org or call your local voluntary organiser for a chat: David Patey 01508 48383