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News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Uzima contd.
Health promotion: through village events with drama and music to raise awareness of health issues and carry out HIV AIDS testing; and health clubs in schools. ‘The idea behind the health clubs is to teach the children about different diseases, how to prevent them. Hygiene, nutrition and physical fitness are the themes’, says Ildefonce Chialo, Community Education Officer. Home-Based Care, the first service to be set up, uses village volunteers to care for patients with long term conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as HIV AIDS, in the community. Volunteers can refer patients to the hospital Outpatients and recommend families or individuals for nutrition and other support. They are supervised by two nurses from the hospital, working part-time for UZIMA: Mama Nandonde, former matron of the hospital, pictured here (left) with Bernadette Lyimo. Diane Milan Christmas in envelopes by U A Fanthorpe Monks are at it again, quaffing, carousing; And stage-coaches, cantering straight out of Merrie England, In a flurry of whips and fetlocks, sacks and Santas. Raphael has been roped in, and Botticelli; Experts predict a vintage year for Virgins. From the theologically challenged, Richmond Bridge, Giverny, a lugger by moonlight, doves. Ours Costs less than these in money, more in time; Like them, is hopelessly irrelevant, But brings, like them, the eternal message – LOVE