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Junior Outlook(2)
Junior Outlook Make a pop-up Christmas card You will need: 2 pieces of paper (a green one, plus a white or gold or red one) pencil or pen scissors How to make it … 1 2 3 4 1 Fold both pieces of paper in half. 2 Draw a tree design on the green one. You don’t need to be very neat, as this will all pop out and look beautiful in the end. 3 Then cut along the wavy lines of the tree. Make sure not to cut along the outer diagonal line. Then, one by one, fold the cuts towards the inside. 4 Once you have folded each cut inwards, make a small snip for the trunk and fold that inwards as well. 5 Glue the other piece of paper round the edges and stick to the back of the green one, avoiding the tree in the middle. 6 Your finished card will look like this Decorate it with something sparkly, with a golden star on top. Watch a video demonstration online at: www.allfreechristmascards.com Contributed by Katherine Pickthorn