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The power of Easter
The power of Easter … Easter is about new life and hope, springing from the death of Jesus on that first Friday which we now call ‘Good’. His body was laid in the dark tomb and sealed with a stone, but Christians believe that Jesus lives, that he has risen to glorious new life, which we celebrate with thanksgiving, joy – and chocolate! What was it that happened in the darkness of the tomb? It is a mystery, but nature can give us some clues. Hyacinth bulbs look dry and dead when planted in the earth, and yet they’re full of the potential of life. Within just a few months they’ve woven a network of roots into the earth below, forced shoots up through the hard ground above and soon bear beautiful, fragrant flowers. For all their dead appearance bulbs are full of energy and life, working silently in the darkness of the earth to produce great beauty in the world. We, too, have dark times in our own lives, times of trouble, pain, confusion, bereavement or simply prolonged periods of waiting, times that make no sense to us at all. It’s during these times, faith informs us, that the active love of God, called the Holy Spirit, works within us to create the conditions that will bring our new life into being. This process of transformation can take a long time, but the death and new life of Christ gives us hope that however desperate a situation may seem it can and ultimately will be redeemed. Love is stronger than death. In springtime nature surrounds us with signs of new life, the sun begins to warm us, the trees and flowers burst into life. These signs may remind us of the embrace and warmth of God’s love and the new life and hope with which he blesses us. For evidence of this we might look back over our own lives and marvel at the things which we can now call ‘good’. The Revd Canon Penny Brown Assistant Priest, St Mary’s