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News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Time to reflect Sometimes it can be helpful and stimulating to have conversations with other people who, like you, want to tease out thoughts and ideas in order to get clearer what they do actually think about meaty and important issues. It was with this in mind that a small group of us had the idea of setting up the Time to Reflect Groups at St Mary’s. We wanted them to provide a good space where people could grow, learn from each other and get to know each other, where people could be free to ask questions and where differing viewpoints could be expressed and heard. So far three groups have met and grappled with different aspects of what it means to be human and to respond to the world in the context of belief in the broadest sense. We have used ready-made courses to help us get going. For our next series of meetings, after Easter, there will be three groups to choose from: Gratitude; Love for the Future; or Jesus Rediscovered. Those who have taken part say that a bonus has been getting to know other people better and feeling more a part of things, as well as gaining satisfaction from exploring challenging issues. If you have read this far and have the hint of a desire to put your foot in the water, please contact Sandra Schur (Tel 380544) or Caroline Hawksley (Tel 387848), and talk to them to see if this might be right for you. Look out, too, for a signing-up sheet at the back of the church. Caroline Hawksley Thank you, Sue! After 25 years’ dedicated service in building up St Mary’s Church Shop, Sue Bowen is finally handing over the reins. She began by establishing a small Tourist Office there, but over the last sixteen years has built up the retail side into a highly successful business: every year except one has seen an increase in turnover. Sue has been shrewd in identifying items that sell; her stock of greetings cards is said to be the best in Woodbridge, and she has also championed Fairtrade. “But it was the right time to go,” she says, “providential, actually, because Caroline (Hawksley) and Judith (Russell) were willing to take over. I didn’t want just to leave.” It must be added that Sue has embraced the less pleasant work with fortitude, turning up in all weathers to unlock the shop, receive deliveries and supervise volunteers. And it’s good that she is not leaving altogether, but will still volunteer at the desk. Thank you, Sue, for all your hard work. Pictured above: Sue (left) with Caroline. MH