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News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Five minutes with …
Five minutes with … Jeremy & Caroline Hawksley Caroline and Jeremy Hawksley are a good team. After meeting at university – he did Geography, she did English – they have been married for 37 years – two of them as residents of Woodbridge. Before that they were 25 years in Fram, Jeremy’s “home patch” after time spent in London. In a short time they have made their mark at St Mary’s, helping to start a new discussion group Time to Reflect and in Caroline’s case taking over from Sue Bowen in helping to run the church shop along with Judith Russell. Why Woodbridge and St Mary’s? “Woodbridge,” says Jeremy, “is a good mix. Fram seemed a bit small, and we were drawn by the bright lights of Woodbridge.” As for St Mary’s, they started coming anonymously and it went from there. They enjoyed the hands-off welcome – “you can be what you want to be” – and the Rector’s style of preaching. The Time to Reflect groups recommence after Easter, and “it’s about striking a balance,” says Caroline, “between serious enquiry and not being too academic. If you want to say something about a subject, you should be able to do so.” They both agree that the groups are about reaching out: “You may be a member of the congregation, but equally you may be a non-believer interested to discuss some of the issues that make us human, that give us more of a sense of who we are and why we’re here.” Aside from being parents of three grown-up boys, both Caroline and Jeremy have had varied careers – Caroline as a teacher and counsellor before helping to start up the local branch of Homestart to help vulnerable families, and Jeremy in town planning, financial PR and then in various management roles. A stint working in Aldeburgh Bookshop should help Caroline move retailing forward on Market Hill. So, whether we’re worshipping, shopping or discussing over the next few weeks, we may enjoy sharing the experience with Caroline and Jeremy. NC