Outlook Issue 18 Winter 2014
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Junior Outlook
This angel is easy to make, and will make your windows look bright at Christmas. You will need Pink card Thread or wool Gold tissue paper Gold pen Tracing paper Gold pipe cleaner Felt tip pens Glue stick Instructions  Cut a heart shape from tracing paper for the angel's wings.  Decorate with gold pen.  Cut a triangle from gold tissue paper.  Glue the triangle on to the tissue paper wings (as in picture above).  Cut a circle from pink card and glue it to the point of the triangle. This is the angel’s face.  Cut strands of wool for the angel's hair, and glue on.  Fold the pipe-cleaner in half and make a loop in the centre.  Twist the ends together and stick to the back of the head. This is the angel’s halo.  Finish by drawing on a face.  Stick the angel to your window and see it sparkle in the winter sun! You could make several of these angels – in different colours – to decorate your windows for Christmas. Or you could use them as little Christmas cards. Games and things … You’ll find lots more ideas for Christmassy games and puzzles and things to make at www.activityvillage.co.uk.