Outlook Issue 18 Winter 2014
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Parish Pump (2)
Happy anniversary, Siw! There was a very special anniversary on 21 May for the Revd Siw Carlsson (pictured). It is twenty years since women were first ordained to the priesthood, and Siw was among the first, ordained by Bishop Roy Williamson in Southwark Cathedral on 21 May 1994. Since her retirement as an Anglican Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital, Siw has been assisting at various local churches, as well as at St Mary’s, and is an especially well-loved celebrant at the Seckford Chapel services. To mark her anniversary in the most significant way, Siw celebrated Holy Communion at St Mary’s, attended by many friends, and was afterwards presented with lots of flowers, including a huge and colourful bouquet, and many other gifts. Business support for charities … Businesses can be generous sponsors of good causes, but there is an additional role they could play – to provide local charities and societies with some much-needed expertise in the form of a treasurer or secretary. One consequence of two incomes being required to service high mortgages and the like is the lack of volunteers with the time to fill important charity posts such as treasurer. One option is for local businesses to sponsor these roles by offering up some pro bono time from a member of their own staff. I was struck many years ago by the creation of the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts (ABSA), now known as Arts and Business. Today, it provides sponsorship worth £686 million annually. The more onerous demands of the Charity Commissioners in filing annual reports, and the legal consequences of a more litigious world where accidents require there to be a guilty party, all conspire to make volunteer officers less willing to put themselves forward. In Woodbridge, we have many excellent and successful businesses who might be prepared to help. The onus would be on them to allow certain skilled employees to provide some charity time during working hours. In return, the supported charity would acknowledge this type of corporate support on its promotional material – a win-win for both parties. Julian Royle