Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Friends of St Mary’s
Friends  of  St  Mary’s       Another busy year   2014  saw  St  Mary’s  Church  swaying   gently  to  the  summer  sounds  of   Gershwin,  opening  its  doors  to  more   youthful  and  exuberant  art  (!)  and   echoing  to  another  bout  of  enthusiastic   Prom  singing  –  not  to  mention  the  spark   and  harmony  of  virtuoso  local  violinists   Clio  Gould  and  Jon  Morton  (pictured).     The  Friends  are  continuing  in  their  efforts   to  turn  themselves  into  a  secure  charity,   which  will  be  in  a  position  to  support  the   church  building  for  many  years  to  come.     Here  are  a  few  highlights  from  2014:     • Membership:  Our  membership  continues  to  grow  (127,  according  to   our  latest  spreadsheet)  and  we  are  getting  better  at  both  keeping   track  of  members  and  communicating  with  them.     • Events:  Certain  Friends  events  are  becoming  part  of  the  Woodbridge   calendar.  The  Art  Event  in  the  summer  and  the  Autumn  Prom  stand   out.  Jazz  in  church  is  also  becoming  a  feature.     • Good  Company:  We  have  turned  the  Friends  into  a  limited  company   as  part  of  our  efforts  to  build  firm  foundations  for  the  future.     • The  DVD  John  McCarthy’s  Woodbridge  continues  to  sell  well.  We   have  sold  over  1,600  of  them,  generating  over  £7,000  profit.  Orders   for  the  DVD  have  come  from  as  far  afield  as  Australia  –  outreach   across  oceans!       • Donations  continue  to  keep  the  coffers  rising.     The  Friends  of  St  Mary’s  have  just  been  able  to  hand  over  another  cheque  for   £12,500  to  the  Church  Fabric  Fund.  Now  we  will  be  going  all  out  to  support   costly  (£30,000+)  repairs  to  the  North  Porch.         Nick Cottam, Chairman, FoSM