Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Junior  Outlook
16     Junior  Outlook     Cheese Straws with a twist   Have  a  change  from  chocolate  and  make  these  tasty   Cheese  Straws  this  Easter  –  sure  to  be  enjoyed!     Pastry   200g  plain  flour   ¼  teaspoon  dry  mustard   125g  margarine   Water  to  mix     Filling   100g  finely-­‐grated  cheese  –  red  looks  good   Marmite,  if  liked     What  to  do  …    1.       Set  oven  at  180C  /  Reg  4    2.   Weigh  ingredients    3.   Rub  margarine  into  flour  until  it  looks  like  breadcrumbs    4.   Add  enough  water  to  mix  to  a  stiff  dough       OR  make  pastry  with  food  processor    5.   Roll  out  pastry  on  floured  surface  until  it  is  5mm  thick       Keep  oblong  shape    6.   Cut  in  half  lengthwise    7.   If  liked,  Marmite  may  be  spread  on  one  half.    8.   Press  grated  cheese  on  to  pastry  base  (on  top  of  Marmite,  if  used)    9.   Put  other  half  of  pastry  on  top  of  the  cheese  (like  a  sandwich)   10.   Press  together  well  with  a  rolling  pin   11.   Cut  into  strips  2cm  wide  and  10cm  long   12.   Glaze  with  egg,  if  liked   13.   Twist  slices  to  give  spiral  effect   14.   Place  on  greased  baking  tray   15.   Bake  for  10-­‐15  minutes   16.   Cool  on  a  wire  rack     NB   Instead  of  strips,  try  cutting  the  pastry  into       different  shapes  with  a  pastry  cutter     Good  cooking!   Janet Laight   Janet,  a  retired  Domestic  Science  teacher,  tells  us  that  her  grandchildren  enjoy   making  these  Cheese  Straws  when  they  cook  with  her.