Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Junior Good Read
17     Junior  Good  Read     The Golden Plate by  Bernadette  Watts     We’ve  all  done  it.  We’ve  made  a  mistake   and  before  we  know  it,  a  small  error  has   escalated  to  become  an  all-­‐consuming   source  of  worry,  guilt  and  fear.  But  how  to   put  it  right?     In  this  beautifully  illustrated  book  for  young   children,  the  author  delivers  a  powerful   message  through  a  charming,  simple  story   and  an  idyllic  domestic  scene.     Isobel  likes  to  visit  her  friend  Elizabeth  to   play  with  her  beautiful  dolls’  house.  Together  they  delight  in  all  the  miniature   pots  and  pans,  furniture  and  decorations.  One  day,  Isobel  slips  one  of  the  tiny   plates  into  her  pocket  and  takes  it  away  with  her.     Once  at  home,  Isobel  sees  that  the  little  golden  plate  is  out  of  place  in  her  own   homemade  dolls’  house.  It  makes  her  realise  that  she  has  done  a  terrible  thing  by   taking  something  that  doesn’t  belong  to  her.  Soon  she  sees  the  plate  everywhere   she  looks  –  the  pie  for  dinner,  the  moon  at  night,  the  sunflowers  in  the  garden.   Everything  reminds  her  of  the  golden  plate.       No  longer  able  to  hide  what  she  has  done,  she  confesses  to  her  mother  and  is  told   to  return  the  plate.  Fortunately,  the  mothers  of  the  two  girls  ensure  that  the   return  of  the  plate  is  achieved  satisfactorily.  The  friendship  is  restored  and  the   dolls’  houses  regain  their  innocent  appeal.     An  unusually  hard-­‐hitting  message  is  presented  in  delicate,  detailed,  traditional   illustrations,  making  this  a  book  to  be  savoured  and  treasured.     The  Golden  Plate  is  available  from  Browsers  Bookshop,  60  Thoroughfare,   Woodbridge,  price  £11.99.     Catherine Larner, Browsers Books