Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Parish Pump(1)
Parish lunches   If  you  feel  like  a  break  from  cooking  now  and  then,   come  and  enjoy  a  parish  lunch.  A  two-­‐course  meal,   usually  hot,  is  followed  by  coffee  and  peppermints  –  a   bargain  at  £3.50!  There’s  a  parish  lunch  on  the  third   Thursday  of  each  month  at  12.30  in  St  Mary’s  Church   Centre.  If  you  would  like  to  come  along,  just  telephone   383468,  or  add  your  name  to  the  list  at  the  back  of  the   church.  (Pictured:  Kevan,  helping  to  serve  the  Christmas   Parish  Lunch)     Sermons in oil …   Are  you  ever  at  a  loose  end  on  a  Sunday  afternoon?  If   so,  our  forthcoming  Illustrated  Talk  and  Cake  event  may  be  of  interest.  Entitled   Sermons  in  Oil  and  Biblical  Events  in  Classical  Art,  the  speaker  is  to  be  the   Revd  Dr  John  Hare,  and  is  to  take  place  on  Sunday  26  April  at  3.00  pm  in  St   Mary’s  Church  Centre.  Tickets  £3.50,  to  include  tea  and  (of  course)  cake!     Inspiring our schools   It  seems  impossible  that  it  is  seven  years  since  I  met  with  Kevan  to  discuss  the   possibility  of  arranging  the  Woodbridge  Chamber  Concerts,  an  annual  series  to   support  young  artists  beginning  their  professional  careers  and  to  provide  an   opportunity  for  talented  musicians  from  the  town’s  two  secondary  schools  to   perform  with  them  in  a  public  concert.  I  am  delighted  to  say  that  both  aims  have   been  successful,  with  audience  numbers  steadily  increasing  over  the  intervening   years.       The  Wu  Quartet  open  this  year’s  series  on  2  May  playing  works  by  Beethoven,   Mozart  and  Schubert,  followed  by  the  Fournier  Piano  Trio  on  23  May,  with   trios  by  Haydn,  Mendelssohn  and  Brahms.  The  final  concert,  on  30  May,  marks   the  21st  anniversary  of  the  Vaughan  Williams  Society,  with  rare  works  by  RVW,   including  his  early  Piano  Trio  and  its  illustrious  predecessor,  Schubert’s  ‘The   Trout’  Quintet.  There  is  an  illustrated  pre-­‐concert  talk  on  the  RVW  works  at   6.30pm.  All  concerts  take  place  at  St  Mary’s  on  Saturdays  at  7.30  pm.     Tickets  (all  reserved):  £16  (centre  aisle)  &  £11  (side  aisle).  Booking  two   concerts  attracts  a  10%  discount.  Telephone  01986  798324  or  order  from  the   website.  Also  available  from  Browsers  Bookshop  from  13  April.     John Treadway, Organiser www.woodbridgechamberconcerts.org.uk