Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Parish Pump(2)
5     Parish  Pump     Music at St Mary’s   The  Spring  Series  of  concerts  at  St   Mary’s  is  already  underway,  and   with  return  performances  by  old   friends,  the  forthcoming  concerts   look  promising.     The  ever-­‐popular  OK  Chorale   (pictured)  return  on  Saturday  28   March  at  7.30  pm,  directed  by   Chris  Rowbury,  with  ‘lush   harmonies  from  the  Pacific,   spine-­‐tingling  Georgian  church  music,  infectious  African  rhythms  (and  dances!),   African-­‐American  Gospel  and  a  few  English  folk  songs,  in  a  vibrant  celebration  of   harmony  singing,  with  not  an  instrument  or  backing-­‐track  in  sight’.  All  profits  to   WaterAid.  Tickets  £6  (£3  under  16s)  at  the  door,  or  buy  online  at   www.chrisrowbury.com,  email  chris@chrisrowbury.com  or  phone  01394   610486.       A  gifted  young  musician,  John  Paul  Ekins,  whose  virtuosity  as  a  pianist  last   delighted  us  in  2013,  returns  for  a  recital  on  Saturday  18  April  at  7.30  pm.  in  aid   of  the  NSPCC.  Tickets  from  Susan  Hubbard  (386869).       John  Treadway  continues  to  promote  young  musicians,  and  returns  for  three   concerts  in  the  Woodbridge  Chamber  Concerts  series  on  Saturdays  2  May,  23   &  30  May  at  7.30  pm  (details  on  p.4).  These  concerts  are  well-­‐known  for  their   excellence,  and  always  provide  a  treat  for  concert-­‐goers.       Local  baritone  Nicholas  Marshall,  accompanied  by  Mark  Root,  will  perform   Schubert’s  song  cycle  Winterreise,  in  aid  of  the  church  fabric  fund,  on  Saturday  9   May  at  7.30  pm.  The  music  powerfully  expresses  the  emotions  of  a  traveller   making  a  winter  journey;  and  we  know,  from  Nick  and  Mark’s  performance  of   Schwanengesang  in  2013,  that  they  will  do  justice  to  this  great  work.       Having  opened  the  Spring  Series,  the  popular  Kingfisher  Sinfonietta  return  for   a  further  concert  on  Saturday  27  June  at  7.30  pm.  Director  Beth  Spendlove  and   the  orchestra  deserve  our  thanks  for  bringing  us  so  much  excellent  music.     Andrew Hester   If  you  would  like  to  book  the  church  for  a  concert  –  we  have  a  fine  piano  and  the   acoustics  are  first  class  –  please  contact  Andrew  Hester  (Tel:  388591)