Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Parish Pump(3)
Girlguiding at St Mary’s   There  have  been  Guides  at  St  Mary’s  since  1922.   Throughout,  they  have  been  involved  in  activities  (many   of  which  have  endured)  reflecting  the  time  –  drill,  first   aid,  collecting  salvage  items  in  wartime,  camping,  service,  home  skills,  water   activities  and,  most  recently,  Bollywood  dancing  to  a  Wii  device!     We  now  have  three  enthusiastic  Units  –  Rainbows  (5-­‐7  years),  Brownies  (7-­‐10)   and  Guides  (10-­‐14)),  with  Seckford  District  Senior  Section  (14+)  meeting  also  in   St  Mary’s  Church  Centre.  There  are  opportunities  for  others  to  join  –  especially   for  the  7-­‐10  age  group,  for  which  enquiries  may  be  made  of  Suzanne  Tillett  on   07759  587087.     Please  contact  the  Parish  Office  (388820)  for  details  of  other  Guiders,  who  will   be  pleased  to  advise  on  spaces  available  for  their  Unit.     PS    Guiding  for  Adults  –  in  the  Woodbridge  and  District  Trefoil  Guild  –  takes   place  at  2.00  pm  on  the  ‘first  Tuesday’,  also  in  the  Church  Centre.     Veronica Howe     An evening with James Runcie – and Sidney Chambers Wednesday  20  May,  8.00  pm     The  Cambridge  vicar,  Sidney  Chambers,  star  of   last  year’s  television  drama  The  Grantchester   Mysteries,  returns  in  a  fourth  volume  of   mysteries,  Sidney  Chambers  and  the   Forgiveness  of  Sins.       Written  by  the  hugely  entertaining  author,  James  Runcie  (who  contributed  a   recent  Lent  Talk  for  Radio  Four)  will  be  in  Woodbridge  to  give  us  behind-­‐the-­‐ scenes  news,  as  well  as  an  insight  into  the  inspiration  behind  this  point  in   Sidney’s  life:  married  with  a  baby,  and  newly  promoted,  he  still  has  time  to  solve   crimes  and  mysteries.     This  special  evening,  organised  by  Browsers  Bookshop,  will  feature  clips  from   television’s  Grantchester,  music  from  jazz  trio  Jenny  Wren  and  her  Borrowed   Wings,  book  signing,  and  time  to  get  to  know  the  delightful  James  Runcie.     Doors  open  7.30pm.  Tickets  £8  from  the  Riverside  Cinema:  Tel  01394  382174.