Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Parish Pump(4)
7     Parish  Pump     More choice at the shop   Painted  eggs,  lacquered  egg   boxes  and  chicken  boxes   made  in  Kashmir  are   bringing  wonderful  colour   and  vibrancy  to  our  Easter   display.  There  are  lots  of   lovely  Easter  cards  too  and   chocolate  eggs,  of  course.       Our  wonderful  team  of   volunteers  are  always  on  hand  to  help  with  pointing  customers  in  the  right   direction;  and  if  customers  ask  for  things  we  don’t  have,  we  try  to  get  hold  of   them.  Recently,  we  have  begun  to  stock  some  really  beautiful  cards  supplied  by  a   company  called  Green  Pebble,  who  specialise  in  promoting  East  Anglian  artists.   Customers  love  them  –  and  so  do  we.     Join  our  knitting  group   As  an  offshoot  from  the  shop,  a  knitting  group  now  meets  regularly:  its  task  at   the  moment  is  knitting  a  Nativity  display  for  the  shop  window  next  Christmas.   The  knitters  are  so  productive  that  there  should  be  beautiful  knitted  nativities   for  customers  to  buy  as  well.  Do  come  along  with  your  needles,  if  you’d  like,  to  St   Mary’s  House  between  10.00  and  12.00  on  the  first  Friday  of  every  month.  You   will  be  most  welcome.     Caroline Hawksley, Shop Manager     Local scenes   This  watercolour  is  just  one  of  the   attractive  greetings  cards  by  local  artist   Rosemary  Wood,  who  also  sings  in  St   Mary’s  Church  choir.  Rosemary  paints   local  scenes  and  flowers,  as  well  as   seasonal  cards  for  Christmas  and   Easter.  Cards  of  local  scenes,  including   the  one  pictured  here,  are  available   from  St  Mary’s  Shop.