Outlook Issue 19 Spring 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Living with dementia
9     Living with dementia   Dementia  has  been  hitting  the  headlines  with  stories   about  early  onset,  the  search  for  a  cure  and  the   recent  death  from  the  disease  of  fantasy  author  Sir   Terry  Pratchett  (pictured).  Aside  from  the  media   hype,  the  simple  fact  is  there  are  more  people  living   with  the  disease  –  certainly  in  the  developed  world  –   than  ever  before.     The  Alzheimer’s  Society  is  the  UK’s  leading  care  and  research  charity  for  those  with   dementia  and  memory  problems.  UK  sufferers  total  over  800,000  people,  of  which   12,000  are  in  Suffolk.  The  Society  provides  a  range  of  support  services  in  the   Woodbridge  area,  including:     • Information  and  Support:  Dementia  Support  Workers  can  speak  to  you  over   the  phone,  arrange  a  home  visit,  or  meet  you  in  a  community  venue  to  provide   personalised  and  emotional  support.     • Support  Groups:  We  run  a  variety  of  monthly  support  groups  for  people  with   dementia  and  their  carers.  These  groups  provide  a  safe  and  supportive   environment  for  sharing  experiences.  Local  groups  meet  at:       Kesgrave:  First  Friday  of  each  month  10.00-­‐12.00  at  Kesgrave  Baptist  Church,   Cambridge  Road,  Kesgrave  IP5  1EW     Ipswich  (Purdis  Farm):  First  Tuesday  of  each  month,  10.00-­‐12.00  at   Bucklesham  Grange  Care  Home,  141  Bucklesham  Road,  Ipswich  IP3  8UB.       • Carer  Information  Courses:  We  plan  to  run  a  series  of  workshops  for  carers,   to  provide  a  better  understanding  of  the  condition,  including  legal  and  medical   matters,  benefits  and  how  best  to  communicate  with  sufferers.     • Campaigning:  We  increase  public  awareness  of  dementia  and  the  help   available.  We  also  lobby  decision-­‐makers  on  local  issues.       Would  you  like  to  help?  Become  a  Dementia  Friend  …   Dementia  Friends  is  a  national  initiative,  run  by  the  Alzheimer’s  Society.  Its  success  is   down  to  our  volunteers  and  staff  working  together.  It  is  government-­‐funded  and   aims  to  improve  people’s  understanding  of  dementia  and  its  effects.  It  gives  people   an  understanding  of  the  small  things  that  can  make  a  difference  –  from  helping   someone  find  the  right  bus  to  spreading  the  word.     To  find  out  more,  or  to  invite  someone  to  visit  your  group  to  explain  how  you  can   become  a  Dementia  Friend,  contact  our  East  Suffolk  Office  on  01473  237301,  email   suffolk@alzheimers.org.uk  or  visit  our  website  www.alzheimers.org.uk.     Nick  Cottam  is  running  the  Reading  Half  Marathon  on  behalf  of  the  Alzheimer’s   Society.  You  can  sponsor  him  at  uk.virginmoneygiving.com/nickcottam