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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 2 Easter 2007

Bringing the house down!

"What a super afternoon well done! I havent laughed so much for years. Hilarious entertainment." These are just some of the comments received from members and their guests following the Mothers Union Lunch and Social Afternoon held on 11 January. The occasion was our version of Cinderella, which, as the saying goes, "brought the house down".

Mothers Union Social event

Members were also busy before Christmas knitting sheep and angels and making stars to accompany the travelling cribs. We have a new project knitting "Trauma Teddies". These teddies are to be given to First Responders (trained volunteers who respond to 999 calls to assess a situation before the ambulance arrives) who will give them to any children involved.

We are always pleased to welcome new members or visitors to our meetings, and full details of the 2007 programme can be obtained from the Branch Leader, Margaret Lowe (contact via the Parish Office). For those who are unable to attend an afternoon meeting, there is an Evening Mothers Union which meets in Melton on the fourth Thursday of the month.