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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 2 Easter 2007

Old school appeal

Old School House, St. Kitts

St Marys is continuing its support for the parish of St Pauls on the Caribbean island of St Kitts by raising another 10,000 in order to complete the rebuild of the Old School House on the island.

We have had another quite incredible response to the appeal. It was so good, in fact, that we managed to reach our appeal target, and more, by the end of January! At the time of writing we are hoping that work on the Old School House can be finished by Easter.

Another interesting development saw a local Fairtrade seed merchant, Shannon Wood, visit St Kitts in November to try and set up seed importation from St Kitts to the UK. We know that seeds have been planted there and very much hope to hear good news on that front too.

Road to Emmaus?

In response to the growing demand for religious education St Marys is looking at the possibility of introducing the Emmaus Course. The course includes a textbook, a CD-ROM and a syllabus of material designed to nurture and develop both new and established Christians, and inspire life-long discipleship. Full course details will be available in St Marys Shop and the church when the decision is taken to go ahead.