Outlook Issue 20 Winter 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Finding Forsyth in St Mary’s
12 Friends of St Mary’s Church Treasurer Michael Bizzey presents a cheque for 12,500 to the Rector The Friends of St Mary’s are continuing to raise funds, and seek support for a building refurbishment project which so far has cost in excess of £200,000, including work on the church roof, stained-glass windows and stonework throughout the church. Since their launch three years ago the Friends have signed up over 120 members and staged a series of events in church, including an Annual Woodbridge Prom Concert, a Summer Art Show and an Evening with Thomas Seckford. This year’s Prom, featuring music from local school students, will take place in church on 15 November. To support the Friends or find out more telephone 07834-978139 or see www.friends.stmaryswoodbridge.org. Nick Cottam, Chairman FoSM Finding Forsyth in St Mary’s The textbooks rave, and rightly so, about fine craftsmanship from many periods which makes St Mary’s special. Little is written, however, about its enrichment during the incumbency of the Revd Robert Dand (1927-48), Rector and Patron of the living. A list of 36 ‘Gifts and Improvements, 1927-47’ includes furnishings, plate, repairs and even a Cypress tree grown from a seed from the Garden of Gethsemane! The PCC in 1928 wanted to approach the great Ninian Comper to design a western screen and south chapel as the start of a major re-