Outlook Issue 20 Winter 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Jack’s Hot Hot Chicken
20 where she lived, in the parks where she walked and in the car on a day like today when she was leaving London for her first visit to Woodbridge. Woodbridge, dreamt Bobbi, was just one big kitchen cupboard full of goodies. When she arrived, Bobbi the Puggle was determined to be good – for a little while at least. She wagged her piggy tail and ran around the house making sure she didn’t bark. She jumped on the laps of the nice people who would look after her and stared at them with loving eyes and a crumpled, whiskery smile. Her reward was a chewy biscuit treat and a late breakfast. After rushing outside for some pond weed it was walkies time. This was Bobbi’s second favourite activity and a chance to use her extra powerful Puggle nose to sniff out doggy friends and more food. Pretty soon she was straining at the end of her lead on the way to the River Deben. Over the road she pulled, across Fen Meadow, through to Kingston Field and ZOOM!! She was let off the lead and away. Sniffing here, there and everywhere, Bobbi made a dash for the river path with the family in hot pursuit. Then she saw it. A ham sandwich on the deck of a Topper sailing dinghy and not a human in sight. No time to lose! In seconds she had jumped down on to the launching ramp and opened her mouth for a great gobbling leap towards her next meal. THUD!! Plump little Bobbi was on board just in time to see her lunch go sliding into the river and the boat catch a gust of wind. BOBBI THE PUGGLE WAS SAILING DOWN THE DEBEN! She slid and slipped her way from side to side in the boat. Hungry Bobbi had become a Puggle pilot, steering herself up the river before accidentally spinning the Topper around and back towards the sailing club. ‘BOBBI!!’ yelled the family from the river path. ‘BOBBI, JUST KEEP STILL!’ Easier said than done. Backwards she went, barking all the time before crashing into the mast. The boat tipped again and with a loud blast of the sailing club’s hooter Bobbi slid overboard and into the chilly River Deben. ‘Well done little Puggle’, said the man in the rescue boat as he scooped her out of the water. ‘You may have lost a ham sandwich, but your boat crossed the finishing line first … You’ve won the race!’ NC Junior Outlook Jack’s Hot Hot Chicken I love cooking. It’s my favourite thing to do when I’m not playing football. I bought these orange mixing bowls with my birthday money this year. Hot Hot Chicken is easy to make – you don’t need to be too exact – and it’s really tasty. My brothers like me to cook it for them too. Here’s what to do: