Outlook Issue 20 Winter 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Book review plus forthcoming events
21 For the sauce: Mix ½ cup wholegrain mustard, 2 tsp English mustard and 2 tbsp olive oil with ½ cup runny honey. Add 2 fat garlic cloves, crushed, and a 1.5 cm piece of fresh ginger, chopped. Mix well. Place 3 fresh chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized chunks, into an oiled baking tray. Add the sauce, stirring well to coat the meat. Cover tray tightly with foil. Cook in pre-heated oven on medium heat (180˚C 350˚F Gas 4) for 35 minutes. Serve with a baked potato and crisp green salad. Mmm! Serves 4 Jack Iles Trash by Andy Mulligan Three young boys live on a dumpsite. They spend the daylight hours sifting through the rubbish and filth, trying to find something they can salvage to buy food for their families. One day Raphael makes a discovery he has only previously dreamed about: a wallet. He tells his two friends, but no-one else, even when the police are in pursuit. The wallet holds much more than wealth; there is a secret to be unlocked. It is up to the three boys to unravel the mystery – and deal with the consequences. Of course the boys hope that they will find enough wealth to escape poverty and move their families away from the dumpsite to new home on an island, and earn a living by fishing. But they also want to right a terrible wrong, exerted at the highest level of government. And their lives are very much threatened by the enormity of what they will expose. This is a stunning book, hard-hitting and fast-paced. Written by a man who spent some years teaching in Manila and who visited children living on dumpsites just like this one, it has a powerful and poignant message, while also presenting a gripping thriller which is ultimately full of hope and promise. For readers from age 11, this book has also been adapted into a BAFTA-nominated film, directed by Steven Daldry and written by Richard Curtis. Available from Browsers Bookshop, Woodbridge. Catherine Larner What’s on NOVEMBER 5 All Souls’ Day: Parish Eucharist 1930 St Mary’s Church 8 Act of Remembrance 1050 Market Hill; Vigil for Peace St Mary’s Church 10 Poppy’s Pantry: Coffee & Light Lunches 1000-1430 St Mary’s House 10 Time to Reflect: Gospel in Action. From 1015 Seckford Room, St Mary’s Hse 11 Parish Coffee 1030-1200 St Mary’s House 11 Time to Reflect: Living faithfully. From 1900 Seckford Room, St Mary’s House 11 Contemplative Prayer Group 2000 4 Saxon Way, Woodbridge