Outlook Issue 20 Winter 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Christmas Services
23 abandonment. A three-year-old boy’s body washed up on an alien shore. An Afghan boy who pushed and carried his grandmother hundreds of miles. A man walking from Greece to Germany. Images that surely jolt our conscience. Where are their wanderings leading them? No room in any inn, often not even a stable. This crisis is beset with social, economic and logistical problems. Yet we cannot simply pass by on the other side. It has to be rectified. We need the action and compassion of the Good Samaritan. In our local communities, too, there are those who seek refuge, a home, a job, a niche in society. They, too, are part of the world’s wandering thousands. Far too often in their journey of life, hopes and faith are dashed and they encounter only empty promises from people on pedestals. Africans are great believers in family and community. They believe in ‘ubuntu’, which basically says that my humanity is caught up in your humanity. We are all inextricably bound together in the bundle of life. We sink or swim together. We are members of one another, one family, one human race. St Theodosius said, ‘Love is expressed not in words, but actions.’ It doesn’t have to be the grand gesture. It is not sufficient to wish well: we must do well! At the entrance to Ely Cathedral stands a statue of Christ, a moving reminder of God’s costly love. His wounded hands are open to welcome all – whoever we are, wherever we come from. As we approach again the season of goodwill, let us employ that love and goodwill to all who search, wander, hope at this sorry time of world crisis. Love is born With a dark and troubled face When hope is dead And in the most unlikely place Love is born. Michael Leunig, 1993 Michael Booth Christmas Services Sunday 20 December 0800 Holy Communion 1000 Parish Eucharist 1830 Service of Nine Lessons & Carols Christmas Eve 1730 Children’s Service of Light 2330 Midnight Mass of Christmas