Outlook Issue 20 Winter 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Spiritual Life
7 Japanese calligraphy stall. I’d never done calligraphy before, but after having a lesson from some Japanese ladies on our team I felt more confident. I had about 10 people working with me from places ranging from South Korea to Bulgaria, all prepared to help young people have the adventure of a lifetime. The camp lasted for just under two weeks and every day was extremely busy and fun-filled. Our evenings were also jam-packed and we got to try out many different activities such as ceilidh dancing and making woggles! The Jamboree has been one of the best experiences in my life. I’ve met so many incredible people from all over the world! Jessica Shire Take notice! Our eye-catching new noticeboards, put up in the Spring, and the smart A-Board in the porch, are the work of John Roberts of Top Floor Studio. An artist and signwriter, as well as a superb photographer, John not only designed them, but painstakingly hand painted each letter in gold leaf, carefully adjusting the space between letters for the maximum aesthetic effect. Thank you, John, for this fine piece of work! John (pictured) and his wife Annette set up Top Floor Studio on Quayside over 40 years ago, which now also includes a Fine Art gallery featuring John’s paintings, as well as some by Annette and drawings by daughter Joanna. (01394 383627/ info@johnrobertsonline.com) Spiritual Life A wider view Last year at St Mary’s I ran a six-week course on Practical Mysticism, and a group of us met intermittently afterwards. This September, we ran a five-week course on Worship. Both courses were based on books by Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941) a poet, novelist, translator, lecturer, conductor of religious retreats and personal spiritual advisor. Her books have a rather dated style and are certainly not an easy read, so why is her writing still relevant? One reason is that she takes a very wide view of the Christian faith, coming at it through the tradition of the medieval mystics, less with a fixed belief in church teachings, and more from a personal internal experience of the divine which she sees as within each one of us. She had the ability to make her