Outlook Issue 20 Winter 2015
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Five minutes with … Simmy
9 For six years Russell and I have had the privilege to serve the less fortunate in Woodbridge. This need presented itself on our doorstep and we answered spontaneously, as many would do. From that first individual need for a pair of socks and a few tins the service today has progressed beyond all expectation. Thanks to all our supporters! Family atmosphere Every Thursday at 12.00 noon we offer a meal. At first, people came in, ate their soup and left. Now they are happy to chat to each other and with us. There is a family atmosphere of which Russell and I feel a part. We are grateful too to the volunteers who come regularly to give and to receive from this service! Majors Russell and Febe Pipe Then there is the need of personal hygiene. Thanks to the Suffolk Foundation a shower was installed and is used regularly, by some spontaneously, by others with gentle prompting! This makes a great difference to the way people feel about themselves. Another gift has enabled us recently to install a washing machine and dryer, so we no longer have to take towels and clothes home to wash them. But have people progressed in their personal life? From being shy, reserved and grumpy, they now feel human beings again. Some have moved on, others are still struggling, but now feel they have a place that is theirs if they want it. Back to the original thought: ‘On earth peace among people of good will’. Yes, there is peace, like the stillness at the heart of a hurricane, and that is the peace that God gives. The peace no one can take away! Major Febe Pipe Salvation Army, Woodbridge Five minutes with … Simmy Going off to university has been a big step for Simone Butler Mayer. After scoring ABBC grades in her ‘A’ Levels, Simmy has won a place to study Sociology at University College Suffolk. It is a reward for years of hard work and the positive thinking which has helped her adapt to a life with cerebral palsy.