Outlook 21
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Out look Issue 21 - Spring 2016
Outlook News and views from St Mary’s Woodbridge Issue 21 Spring 2016 Can you help? Woodbridge youth charity Just42 is looking for volunteers to help with its regular clubs and other events, both in the town and in surrounding villages. See p.7 Easter presents and more … Chocolate hens, eggs galore, and bunnies in a basket, are just some of the items on display in St Mary’s Shop on Market Hill. The vibrant collection pictured is attracting a steady flow of customers and it’s worth a visit next time you’re passing. The usual selection of cards and Fairtrade items are also worth checking out. See p.2 Inside … From the Rector 3 Hiring the Church Centre 5 Spring in the school garden 6 Spotlight on our children’s work 7 A love like the sun 11 Spirit of Woodbridge 12 Tony Hubbard MBE 14 Sky Hawk 19 Bobbi and the church fete 20 Happy Easter! 23