Outlook 21
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Getting involved
15 Getting involved In the last issue we reported that Simmy Butler Mayer had won a place at university. Below she reports on some of her early experiences … I love being part of University Campus Suffolk (UCS). It is a vibrant place to learn. The university uses modern technology to teach: for example, we complete online tests to check our understanding. We are encouraged to enquire and be a ‘critical friend’. There is a massive range of books that everyone has access to, which allows us to go on a path of discovery. UCS is funded by the Disabled Student Allowance to provide a scribe in lectures and examinations, which makes it more accessible for me. Christian values I have successfully thrown myself into university life, joining the Christian Union, which helps me to apply my Christian values to a modern setting. Also, I have loved being a course rep. I have been an advocate for students, so that the university reflects their needs and wishes. More recently, I have become a revalidation panel member. This means that I help to ensure that the quality of the various courses is maintained, which is essential for ensuring that the university can grow and develop. As well as widening my knowledge of Sociology, Youth Studies and Psychology, I feel that the university experience has changed my world view. University has made me question things: for example, why do we think in the way we do, in such an egoistic way? Although university has been mostly positive, some things have taken me aback. I found it very interesting to discover that the majority of the students are mature (21+). This diversity of age-groups seems to add to the generation of ideas. I also find that university is very different from the ritual and routine of school; now I have lectures on two days only, which allows plenty of time for self-directed study. I am really looking forward to seeing the university develop as it gathers more facilities and becomes a university in its own right. Simmy