Outlook 21
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Bobbi and the church fête
21 Junior Outlook Bobbi and the church fête Bobbi the Puggle was excited. It was the day of the church fête and she was determined to help. Back from her morning walk, she was in the kitchen, licking the floor and catching crumbs as the family did some last-minute baking for their cake stall. Einstein the family cat was also doing his bit. As people ran in and out to load up the car with cakes, Einstein was on the table playing it cool. One paw moved closer to the scones, then the other – and SWIPE! Over the edge went a scone and into the jaws of waiting Bobbi. Off she went to the other end of the house with Einstein in hot pursuit to share the spoils. After their secret snack Bobbi was put in the car as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth! VOOM VOOM JUDDER JUDDER went the cake-laden vehicle as they headed for the nearby church. Stalls had been set up all around the churchyard –a coconut shy, a bash-the-rat game, a tombola and a second-hand book stall. The cakes and candyfloss, sausage and savoury pies all looked scrumptious, thought Bobbi. ‘I declare this fete officially open,’ said the Rector. ‘Enjoy yourselves – and remember that every pound you spend will help preserve our wonderful church building.’ Bobbi watched as people went from stall to stall. Her lead was looped around one leg of his family’s cake stall beside the soon-to-be-repaired North Porch. The neighbouring coconut shy had a customer, Mrs Loblater, who had just bought a large bag of flapjacks from their stall. Putting the cakes on the ground beside her, she picked up her balls for the shy. WHOOSH! went the first ball, flying high over the coconuts, and hit the North Porch with a THUD and a CRUNCH and dislodged a piece of church masonry. At that moment Bobbi, still attached to the table, made a lunge for the flapjacks, dragging the table with him. Down clattered the masonry, just missing the moving cake stall AND Mrs Loblater, who tripped over the flying Puggle and landed safely in the grass. ‘PHEW!’ said the Rector as he helped Mrs L to her feet. ‘That was a lucky escape for you and the cake stall. Well done, little dog – you really deserve that flapjack!’ Nick Cottam