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What is sacramental healing?
10 What is sacramental healing? Every three months, a Service of Healing is held at St Mary’s Church – we call it A Time to Heal. We share in a simple Eucharist (Communion), sitting informally in a circle, and for those who would like to, the ‘laying on of hands’ in healing. • WHO needs healing? We all do – for our sorrows, pains and mistakes! • WHO can heal? We all can – by God’s grace ... when we share each other’s pains, and pray with love for each other. • WHAT is healing? Wholeness, forgiveness, grace ... awareness of God’s love for us. • WHEN is the right time to heal? Now! Those who have participated in a healing service often report a feeling of well-being and renewal – and there is a growing understanding that healing is about wholeness, love and renewed faith, rather than recovery from illness. Our next Time to Heal at St Mary’s is on Friday 6 May at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join us in fellowship. Margie Stagg Easter lilies The church always looks lovely on Easter Day with the displays of Easter lilies. If you would like to contribute a lily (price £3.00) in memory of a loved one this Easter, please leave your payment and the name of your loved one (written in capitals) with Heather Marshall in the Parish Office. The deadline for orders is Palm Sunday (20 March). Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Søren Kierkegaard (1813-55)